Historical Footage of Joseph Pilates.

Students will recognize many of what is practiced today.



The Pilates Philosophy which emerged with Joseph Pilates' 1954 book Return to Life Through Contrology is a vision of health and well being that gives context to his exercises.

The 3 guiding principles include:



Wholistic Health


Personal Committment

Joseph Pilates named his movement regime 'Contrology' based on his observations of the natural movements of domestic pets and wild animals. He believed the mind and the body must actively engage to achieve physical fitness. Movement Principles are elements you learn in the Classical method and are present in the successful performance of all the Pilates exercises.

It's inconceivable that Joe intuited the science of mindfulness in 1945 yet he writes, "One of the major results of Contrology is gaining the mastery of the mind of over the complete control of your body."

What we hadn't yet discovered and what has taken scientists until recently to measure is that our brains are changeable. The term neuroplasticity is gaining traction and used commonly in reference to our ability create new connections between brain cells. By mastering new skills we not only improve neurological function in our brains, we improve motor function and postpone the ill effects of aging , decreased brain and body functions and more.



Historical Footage of Romana Kryzanowska.

She is one of Joseph Pilates original students and key contributor to the Pilates Method.