Marlene Amado

Lead Instructor, Owner, Director

Marlene became fascinated with the mind body relationship early in her career. Having struggled with depression and anxiety, she found exercise to be an effective way to manage stress and subsequently found her niche leading fitness groups, coaching swimming and eventually becoming a certified pilates teacher in 2002. Cycling and pilates continued to be a powerful means to diffuse stress during university as well as pre and post pregnancy. Her interest and study of movement eventually led to discovering Classical Pilates. The immersion in classical training and the dramatic psychophysical results spurred the completion of her second pilates certification in 2015 in the Advanced Program at the renowned The Pilates Center rounding out over 2000 hours of Pilates training alone.

Marlene has had hands on experience working directly with injuries and was a member of the Physiotherapy Association of BC for over 3 years until REFORM PILATES launched in September 2016.

Her clinic experience and interest in analysis means she is comfortable observing, seeing the bigger picture and applying the pilates method specifically to address clients' unique physiologies. It also lends to her passion in communicating knowledge and exploring the idiosyncrasies of the human body/mind. With a relentlessly positive mindset, Marlene helps clients overcome fears and limiting beliefs through movement education and through supporting and assisting clients' accommplishing physically challenging goals set out by the Classical Pilates repertoire. By empowering people physically, Marlene supports clients in feeling more confident and knowledgeable about themselves, promoting self inquiry and a positive, informed approach to self care. Marlene continues to explore avenues of learning that complement her work such as her own pilates practice, attending health and wellness seminars, and regularly pursuing continuing education opportunities.

Away from the studio, Marlene can be found riding her bike on and off road, hiking our scenic local mountains and having as much fun with her two teenage sons as they can bear.