Women’s Health

Women's Health

Pilates is a good choice for women who are thinking of becoming pregnant, who are pregant or who have had babies due to its low impact nature and focus on strengthening abdominals, back, and pelvic floor. Activation of the transverse abdominis will help to maintain good posture and provide trunk support but doing abdominal work incorrectly can increase the chances of developing diastisis recti or worsen urinary incontinence.

Hormonal changes as well as increased production of relaxin during pregnancy will promote flexibility in joints and muscles.  However, this laxicity can make it easier to injure joints or overstrain muscles so exercises and certain positions should be modified or eliminated as you progress from 1-3rd trimester.

We teach safe, effective modifications for abdominal work as well as how to understand and monitor your changing body. Significant physical changes that expectant and new moms experience can be challenging and frustrating.  When taking these factors into consideration, it is important that you work with a qualified teacher who is experienced and comfortable and has personal and clinical experience with the changes that occur pre and post baby.  Always check with your doctor when starting a new exercise program.