Sport and Injury Prevention

Sport Specific Training

Your ability to execute efficient, sport specific movement is key to success in any sport.  However, due to the repetitive nature of sport specific training, injuries are inevitable.  It is invaluable that you understand the biomechanical inefficiencies related to your sport and make adjustments to achieve a more balanced training program.

The principals of natural movement inherent in the Classical Pilates Method is the lens through which we observe and address biomechanical inefficiencies. Using specific Pilates techniques, imagery, classical apparatus as well as “hands on” spotting and cueing, we analyze gait, posture and muscle imbalances and teach you how to take ownership of your movement practice. We lead you through movement that is focused on your body and your sport.

Whether you are on the bike, the slopes, the court, the gym, or out walking the seawall, you will feel the benefits of incorporating Classical Pilates into your training program.